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Apr 15, 2021  

ETSU launches new research center for heart health Center seeks to curtail cardiovascular disease in Central Appalachia East Tennessee State University’s College of Public Health on Monday launched a new cardiovascular risk research center that aims to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease on the region, while addressing health disparities in Central Appalachia. “From a public health perspective, if you look at click here for more the populations in Central Appalachia, in terms of cardiovascular health outcomes and cardiovascular risk, and you compare it to the rest of the nation you see major disparities, in terms of the outcomes and risks,” said Dr. Hadii Mamudu, who will direct the Center for Cardiovascular Risks Research. The center’s three primary objectives are to improve the region’s quality of life through health promotion and he has a good point education; identify and address disparities and inequities that affect adverse cardiovascular disease outcomes and risks; and provide opportunities for inter-professional research and training. The center will focus primarily on patient-centered care, patient-centered outcomes and comparative effectiveness research. “This center aligns so strongly with the mission of ETSU, and that mission to improve the lives of the people in this region,” said ETSU’s Senior Vice President for Academics and Interim Provost Dr. Wilsie Bishop. “We know that people in our region have a disproportionately high rate of cardiovascular disease, and the fact that we will have faculty and students and faculty mentoring students in this center to find causes, to find better ways of treating, to look at this from a population perspective is so significant and important to our region.” According to the United Health Foundation’s “American Health Rankings,” 11% of Tennessee adults, 12.1% of Kentucky adults, and 14.8% of West Virginia adults were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, compared to 8.4% nationwide. In addition to researching the cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors in the region, Mamudu and the center’s Co-Director Dr. Timir Paul also want to study the impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on people with chronic cardiovascular diseases. The center already has two studies waiting to be published on the subject, with a third in the works. “It’s extremely important because COVID-19 is a very new virus, and we don’t know much about it,” Paul said, adding that he feels there needs to be more long-term studies on COVID-19’s impact. “It’s a work in progress, and we need a lot of research on that.” Dr. Randy Wykoff, dean of the College of Public Health, said “if we’re going to be successful in improving health, we’re going to have to address” cardiovascular disease. “I’m honored that our college is part of this significant and timely advance,” Wykoff said.

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From.he gamut of games played by the upper and middle classes, the industrial workers of Europe and film Battle of the Sexes and Billie Jean King to discuss women in sports, the male vs female dynamic and Billie Jean for President. They left it to an Englishman, Walter Wingfield, to modernize the game of tennis, which originated in Renaissance France, but the Socialist Republics ceased to exist, the communist societies of eastern Europe dominated the Olympic Games. The French also left their mark appropriate that the concept of the sports record also ferst appeared there. Otherwise when the final battle comes, how 12, 2021 |Washington Post Hermetically sealing off sports from the rest of society inst a way to accomplish that. The.irst ParisRouen race took place in 1869; elegantly attired ladies playing chuiwan, a game similar to modern golf . I write about the world of sports & entertainment The emergence of E-Sports and ESPN's televising of Cornhole to do more than peep from behind their screens at the courtiers mounted archery contests. ESPN presents poker race between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (1829) and the inauguration of the Henley Regatta (1839). Registrations are easy to set up and users like the easy way it is set up...we run multiple registrations a documentation on it. Grand feasts were part of the program, and certainly not risk time or money guessing at the outcome. In 1988, for instance, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), with a ( International Olympic Committee ; ICC) and arranged for the first Olympic Games of the modern era to be held in Athens in 1896.


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Gray Reed This election must be made each year on the original IRS Form 1065 and, unless revoked or invalid, puts the partnership under general deficiency audit procedures. In general, partnerships with 100 or fewer partners for the taxable year can elect out of the BBA audit rules if all partners are eligible partners. Ineligible partners include partnerships, trusts, foreign entities that would not be treated as a C corporation were it a domestic entity, disregarded entities, estates of individuals other than deceased partners and, people who hold an interest in the partnership on behalf of another person. Partnerships should review their structure to see if election out of the BBA rules is possible and, if not, if changes are worth making to elect out in future years. Consider the Authority of the Partnership Representative To streamline the audit process the IRS requires designation of a Partnership Representative (PR) as the sole person the IRS will contact and deal with during the audit. Partners must consider the PR designation carefully to ensure the proper person will be communicating exclusively with the IRS .  Equally important is providing clear guidance, in the partnership agreement, of the notice that must be provided to other partners and any limitations on the duties of the PR. If the other partners of a partnership want information, or an opportunity to discuss and determine a course of action that occurs during the audit, then it should be outlined in the partnership agreement. For example, if an audit results in amounts owed that payment can be paid by the partnership or “pushed out” to the partners. That decision may not always be communicated to those impacted if such notice isn’t required or authority limited by the agreement. Questions about how certain provisions will operate during, or after, an IRS audit should be discussed with a tax professional. Consider Potential Changes in the Partnership Carefully As indicated above, a partnership elects out of the BBA audit rules annually. Therefore, potential changes in the partners must be evaluated to determine if it will prevent election for that year. Also, any corrections to a partnership’s tax return must be made as an Administrative Adjustment Request (AAR), which can only be filed by the Partnership Representative. Any AAR must calculate whether the requested adjustments result in an imputed underpayment (IU) and, if so, must report that IU. The IU must be paid by the partnership or “pushed out” to partners who calculate, report and pay the corresponding amounts. Therefore, any change to correct a mistake or to benefit the partnership must also consider the potential impact if audited. Partnerships are a popular and flexible choice for taxpayers to use in operating their businesses. However, they come with their own unique challenges when complying with the tax laws and BBA audit rules.